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November, 2018

Issue : 25

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Why ???

We the people on the earth are gifted with wonderful energy sources by the nature, which has made our routine much more smother & easier… However, this gift of the nature is ' limited '. What we have done is, with the growth of science & technology, we have started using it extremely, because of which the energy resources are going to finish in near future. Hence, let us take the pledge to conserve the energy - save the energy!!!

Tips of the Month
Article - 1 : Solar Windows

Solar windows are windows that function as solar panels to harvest the sun's energy and convert it to electricity. Solar Window Technologies have announced that their new cells can produce 50 times more energy than the normal panels that are used today.
This is how it works. Glass panels are initially treated with a photovoltaic coating made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and few materials; those are not revealed by the company. The active layer absorbs the light while the transparent conductors make energy extraction possible. For transparency, the coatings are applied in liquid form at ambient pressures and dried at lower temperatures. The result is clear solar paneling and the coatings can be added to any conventional glass or plastic.
The solar window coatings are designed to be applied to the interior of glass or plastic window units, to protect the coatings from the elements.Dense urban areas could benefit from this technology because of the large vertical window space and the lack of roof tops for solar panels. Solar windows could also offset peak energy demands. Photovoltaic films are also lightweight, which means there's less embodied energy required for their manufacture and transport.


Some researchers also believe they will be able to offer a 25 year warranty, which is similar to the current coverage on solar panels.


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Article - 2 : The Grove Ecosystem

The 'Grove Ecosystem' is an intelligent indoor garden which enables us to grow fresh, flavorful and nutrient rich food around the year. This system makes use of fishes, plants and beneficial microbes to reliably grow delicious products which includes vegetables, herbs and small fruits just in a space and size of a book shelf.
By the use of its mobile application, Grove operating system not only allows us to control and automate the ecosystem but also allow to access decades of indoor growing knowledge which ultimately allow us to grow the healthiest, freshest products produced at homes. With a blend of hardware, software and ecology, the Ecosystem is a thoughtfully crafted fun, educational and rewarding experience. It is easy to start. The Ecosystem ships with everything you need to get up and running immediately. The Grove's Operating system guides you through the entire process from planting your first seeds, to adding fish to your tank, to harvesting your first crops. The operating system measures the health of your system and lets you know when to start. In a period of month or half you can expect to be harvesting fresh, organic produce. The Grove system will expand your palette helping us to grow wide variety of plants from herbs to leafy greens to fruiting crops. Simply tell the Grove OS what you have planted, and the Ecosystem automates lighting, watering, and fans to optimize the growth of our crops.
The Ecosystem works on the principle of 'aquaponics', which harnesses the symbiotic relationship between beneficial bacteria, fish and plants to reliably grow fresh and delicious products.


The fish process the food they are fed and produce ammonia rich waste. Beneficial microbes convert this ammonia to nitrates (Organic plant fertilizer), simultaneously supplying plants with nutrients and fish with clean water. In this process we are not required to clean the tank or wash our greens. The system comes with a connected intelligent device, full spectrum adjustable LED lights, large main grow area, micro green and seedling bed, self cleaning aquarium and integrated tool storage.


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Article - 3 : Salt Lamps

More than 7000 in the islands of Philippines are devoid of electricity. So after the sun vanishes in the evening, kerosene lamps come into action. Though they are cheap, but these fire hazards are bad for the environment and also possess health hazards. On looking at the grievances of these people, some have come up with a better solution, 'The Salt lamps.' The salt burns for eight hours, which is fuelled only by a glass of water and two teaspoons of salt. This innovative idea was developed by engineer and Greenpeace volunteer Aisa Mijeno, after spending some time with the native Filipino tribes, who were totally reliable on kerosene lamps, to bring their daily lives possible. The salt LED lamp relies on a galvanic cell battery, in which the electrolyte solution comprises purely of salt water, in which two electrodes are placed.
It works on the principle of Galvanic cell. The startup said in changing electrolytes to a saline solution it makes the light non-toxic and a safer choice by removing the risk of fire from tripped over lamps and candles.


The lamps can also be used in emergency situations as both a lightning source and an energy source for charging phones with a USB cable.


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Article - 4 : Eco-cooler

Air conditioners can be costly in terms of both buying and running. If you are living in a location where summers are unbearable. Not everyone is that lucky to afford one until eco cooler was invented. The Eco-cooler is an air conditioner that requires no electricity to run and also it is made of waste products. It does exist and it is in demand in the country of its origin that is Bangladesh, where 70% residents live in tin huts without power.
To make an Eco-cooler you need to have a piece of board which should be cut to the size of the window of your house. Then drill holes big enough to push a plastic bottle neck into. Collect some used plastic bottles and cut their base off, then slid the neck of the bottle through the holes of the board and lock them with the cap. Do this until the board is complete and then hang it on the window. Then wait to see the temperature decrease. The change in temperature using Eco-cooler is at least 5 degrees Celsius. It may not make much difference but it is better than living in tin house where this much change makes a big difference where temperatures can reach 45 degrees.



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